You can schedule the Airgram Assistant to join your Zoom, Google Meet & Microsoft Teams calls automatically for recording and transcribing. We offer a few options:

1) Join all meetings you host,

2) Join all calendar events with meeting links,

3) Join calendar events where I invite (as a participant)

To tweak these settings, go to My Settings > Auto-join Meetings, you'll see configurations for Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. Change settings by clicking the drop-down list.

Join all meetings I host

After authorizing Zoom, the assistant will automatically join any meeting you start as the host / organizer.

Join all calendar events with meeting link

The Airgram assistant will automatically join all your Calendar events attached with a meeting link.

Join calendar events which I invite

When you create a meeting event and invite as a participant, the AI assistant will join the meeting on your behalf.

Join particular Zoom meetings with Airgram AI assistant

Note: this is done in your calendar interface (Google Calendar / Outlook)

Not join any calendar events

When this option is selected, Airgram assistant will not join any calendar events of yours.

Moreover, you can check out the tutorial video to learn how to set up:

Note: The event must contain a Zoom link, and the meeting host must allow into the meeting. Otherwise, the Airgram assistant will not be able to join the Zoom call successfully.

P.S. You may receive an email telling you that the account ( does not exist. The virtual email account is for protecting your privacy because we do not generate this email account. We only use it to confirm that you allow the assistant to join the meeting. Receiving this email will not affect the assistant's automatic participation.

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